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Why you Should Visit Georgia Aquarium

Updated: Mar 4

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Many aquariums are fun to visit, but not all of them are considered among the best in the United States. The experience you have at Georgia Aquarium is rare; there are species you likely haven't seen before, opportunities to interact with your favorite animals, and two shows included in the price of your ticket. I don't want to give it all away before I start, so here are the reasons Georgia Aquarium rakes in 2.5 million visitors per year.

The Animals are Unique

Whale shark at Georgia Aquarium
Credit: Tipsy Atlas

Georgia Aquarium is the only aquarium outside of Asia to keep a whale shark in captivity. It's the largest fish in the sea, and it looks even bigger in person. It takes as long as 36 hours to transport a whale shark to an aquarium, which is likely why you can't find one anywhere else in North America. The facility is also home to several beluga whales, which are only found in six zoos and aquariums in the United States. Interestingly, belugas have the nickname of sea canary due to the sounds and whistles they make.

Free Shows!

Dolphin jumps from water

The cost of your ticket includes a dolphin and sea lion show, which to me, is one of the main reasons why you should visit Georgia Aquarium. During the dolphin show, you'll watch as trainers demonstrate the mammals' intelligence and skills. You might even get wet if you sit within the marked "splash zone." The sea lion show offers you the unique experience to hear their famous roaring sounds and be awestruck by their personalities. In a world where everything costs extra, this is an uncommon experience. To attend, you must book a ticket in advance and arrive at least 15 minutes before showtime.

Swims and Dives

Shark underbelly

Georgia Aquarium offers the chance for you to dive and swim with sea life. There are two experiences, both of which bring you up-close-and-personal with whale sharks, manta rays, and fish. Those who choose to swim will spend 30 minutes in the water following a two-hour tour, bookable here. The diving experience is reserved for certified SCUBA divers only, with more information found here. Both of these options come with all necessary equipment.

More Encounters

Swimming seal

There are tons of other ways to interact with the aquarium's aquatic residents. For an extra cost, you can participate in a harbor seal training session, interact poolside with beluga whales, or touch and feed dolphins. You can also learn more about penguins, tour the sea lion facility, and get in the water with sharks and stingrays. Even if you don't opt for an encounter, you'll be able to enjoy seven galleries and nearly 180 animals. Sounds like a good time to me.

Accommodation Recommendations

Atlanta is a big city, so there are a smorgasbord of places to stay. Because I can't name them all, I tried to find a match for every level of traveler. If you're trying to save your money for aquarium encounters, you might choose the simple yet trusted Motel 6. If you'd prefer a life of luxury, The Omni Hotel might be a better fit, with two restaurants and an outdoor pool. If you're somewhere in between, Hyatt Place has everything you need.

As you can see, there are several great reasons why you should visit Georgia Aquarium. While, you're in the city, check out our top things to do in Atlanta.

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