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A Guide to The World's Most Romantic Places

Updated: Mar 4

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Venice canal

For some couples, travel is their love language, and travel lovers are always looking for an excuse to pack their bags. My husband and I fall under that category—we often hit the road on our anniversary to find a place to get away with just the two of us. Of course, romance is about being with the person you love or want to spend time with, but the scenery can make a difference as well. If you’re trying to decide where to take your date on your next romantic getaway, keep reading to discover the most romantic cities in the world.

Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower in Paris

It’s no coincidence that Paris is nicknamed “The City of Love.” The Eiffel Tower is the backdrop for many marriage proposals, and on the top floor, couples can enjoy drinks at a champagne bar while taking in the views of the city. At night, the tower lights up, making it a magnificent view for lovers as they stroll along the Seine River. Another romantic attraction is the Louvre Museum. Home of the "Mona Lisa", the Louvre is the largest art museum in the world. With 35,000 pieces of art, you and your date will have tons to talk about.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Japan

Kyoto, Japan is another one of the world's most romantic places. If you happen to visit from late March to mid-April, you'll get the chance to marvel at Kyoto’s world famous cherry blossoms. You'll also be able to visit the Jinshu Shrine, a famous temple dedicated to love. Legend has it that if you can walk from one Love Stone to the other with your eyes closed, your love will be everlasting. Couples can also visit one of Kyoto’s many scenic spots, such as The Sagano Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama where they can rent a kimono and walk through the forest.

Venice, Italy

Venice Italy

One of the most romantic things my husband and I did on our honeymoon was take a gondola ride at sunset. To time it just right, you should check when the sun sets and find a gondola company along the Grand Canal. You can also prebook your gondola ride online during peak tourist season. The city itself is beautiful, and there are many places to dine and enjoy wine with the Rialto Bridge as the focal point. Before you leave, make sure to visit St. Mark’s Square and the wonderful Saint Mark’s Basilica. For more ideas, check out the top things to do in Venice.

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City Canada

This French city is one of the oldest European cities in North America and one of the most romantic places in the world. Many couples enjoy the Old City by taking a horse-drawn carriage ride at night or a ferry ride through St. Lawrence River. If you’d rather see the town by foot, you can walk through Quartier Petit Champlain, a shopping district with cobblestone streets. The Chateau Frontenac is a historic hotel that opened in 1893, and it’s sure to add a bit more romance to your journey.

New York City, New York

New York City

The magnificent Central Park is one of the best places for couples to connect while reveling in the surrounding nature. You can take your date to the observatory floor of the Empire State Building for a bird’s eye view or dine at the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar. If you’re a fan of city lights, you will have a blast walking through Times Square, and afterwards, you could catch a Broadway play. If you've never been, check out some tips for visiting New York City.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is a bustling, picturesque city that’s home to Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, a basilica that is actually still under construction. Even so, it’s a can’t miss part of the city, along with Gaudi’s Casa Milia and Park Guell, where many of Gaudi's sculptures are displayed. Don’t forget to visit the Mercado de La Boqueria, a market with local cuisines.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Georgia

A city full of history, Savannah doesn’t miss when it comes to views. Visitors to Savannah often stroll through Forsyth Park to catch a glimpse of the ever-present Southern Live Oak Trees and the fountain at its center. River Street is lined with restaurants and antique shops as well as views of the riverside. Adding a bit more flair, the city is said to be haunted, so take a ghost tour that is sure to have your date cuddling up to you.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini Greece

A postcard destination, Santorini is famous for its breathtaking views and stunning sunsets. The island features white-washed buildings and amazing blue seas that are clear and highly visible for swimmers. If you and your date like to hike, you can walk to the top of the Santorini Volcano, and if history is more your style, you can visit the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, a town preserved by a 16th-century volcanic eruption. Its picturesque environment makes it one of the world's most romantic places.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges Belgium

The Markt, which is essentially the market square of Bruges, features restaurants and other tourist attractions. The most famous nearby building is the Belfry Tower, which was once home to a treasury and an observation tower. Not only will couples have a great time walking along the square, but they can also check out a nearby chocolate shop. The Dumon Chocolatier features some of the creamiest Belgian chocolates in the city. For a superior experience, you can sign up for a Belgian Chocolate Workshop.

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai Hawaii

Also called "The Garden Island," Kauai is a great place to go if you're looking for uncrowded beaches. Not only does it have more beaches than the other Hawaiian Islands, but it also has dramatic scenery such as mountain ranges and waterfalls. A fantastic place to enjoy water sports, Hanalei Bay features nearly new miles of beach. This is a great place for you and your date to visit if you’re a fan of fantastic views and swimming.

Prague, the Czech Republic

Prague, the Czech Republic

To take a journey into the past, couples can stroll through the Old Town Square, a 10th-century town showcasing historical architecture. One of the main sights is the Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Hall Tower. Every hour, the figures on the clock's side move and create a spectacle that hundreds gather to see. You can also head over to the Love Lock Bridge, where couples from all over the world attach padlocks. The tradition began with lovers who planned to meet at the bridge, but when their unaccepting family found out, the couple was killed.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia

The Sydney Harbour, especially at sunset, is remarkably beautiful, and the most romantic way to see it is by booking a dinner cruise. A cruise will take you by the Opera House, offer live music, and serve traditional Australian cuisine. Of course, many people visit Sydney to lounge on one of its gorgeous beaches, such as Bondi, Manly, or Coogee. Afterwards, take your date on a walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Aspen, Colorado

If you’re a nature lover, Aspen is sure to be a jaw-dropping location for your next date. It’s common for visitors to take a hot air balloon ride, where you can soar high above the mountains as the sun rises. Aspen’s natural environment leaves a lot of room for outdoor activity, such as skiing and paragliding. If you’re not that adventurous, you can still enjoy Aspen Mountain by taking a gondola ride and enjoying a meal at a restaurant at the summit.

Florence, Italy

Florence Italy

I might be biased because of my own experiences, but Italy just HAD to make the list twice when it comes to romantic locations. Florence is the home of the renaissance, so it has no shortage of art such as the world famous Uffizi Gallery or the Accademia Gallery, home to Michelangelo’s David. The date wouldn't be complete without hiking to the top of Piazzale Michelangelo to watch the sunset over the city. If you decide to visit Florence, take a look at the top things to do.

For lovers of romance all over the world, I hope this post gave you some date ideas or at least some travel inspiration. These are just a few suggestions, but romance can be found all over the world. If you and your loved one have visited any amazing spots, make sure to leave a comment to suggest it to other readers.

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