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Tips for Traveling with Pets

Updated: Apr 26

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Dog hangs its head out of car

There are many reasons your furry friend might tag along while you travel. You could be moving across the country, or going on a dog-friendly vacation. Regardless of why, shuffling your dog or cat through an airport might end up a logistical nightmare. Here are some tips for traveling with your pet by car or plane, including some products that will ease the process.

By Car

Dog riding in car

Depending on the type of pet you have, there are different things to consider on the road. In this article, I'm going to discuss dogs and cats.

  1. Safety should be your number one priority when traveling with your furry friend. After all, you never know when you'll need to slam on the brakes. If your canine is accompanying you, I recommend buying this dog booster seat to keep fluffy contained. They're waterproof, come in a range of colors, and protect your dog from flying into the front seat. If you have a cat, this simple soft-sided pet carrier should do.

  2. Your furry friend will need food and water on the road, and pulling over constantly isn't always viable. Luckily, products such as this no-spill pet bowl exist to minimize mess and keep them hydrated.

  3. You couldn't survive a long car ride without using the restroom, so don't expect your pet to either. Be sure to find a grassy area every couple hours to let your doggo do its business. For cats, perhaps grab one of these portable litter boxes, complete with a top opening and a zipper to keep them contained. Keep in mind that messes are bound to happen, so carry some cleaning supplies just in case.

  4. Make sure to pack anything you might need. Just like you, your pets are bound to get bored. Grab a couple of toys to keep them entertained. Likewise, keeping a copy of your pet's vet records is a good idea in case of emergency.

By Plane

Person gets ready for flight

Taking your dog or cat on a plane can be a bit more stressful than spending time in your family car. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Different airlines have different rules. Some allow your pets to board the plane alongside you, while others place pets in a cargo hold. This is usually determined by the size of your animal. Be sure to check with your airline before bringing your pet onboard.

  2. If your pet is boarding with you, make sure to bring an airplane-approved bag to carry them with. The one I just linked fits animals up to 20 pounds and comes with a food/water bowl.

  3. When taking your animal through security. you'll be asked to remove them from the bag and send the bag through the scanner. Therefore, bring a leash for your pup and be prepared to carry your kitty.

  4. Airports can be overwhelming for pets and people alike. Consider administering a vet-approved sedative before arrival.

After you Arrive

There are many hotels you'll find are pet friendly, but they do have their limits. Never leave your pet unoccupied for too long, and if they're one to make a mess, pack a puppy pad or a crate to leave them in while you're gone. Be sure to keep your pet comfortable by bringing things they're familiar with from home, including their favorite toys and a nice place to rest. Finally, make sure to plan activities that include your little buddies. Take Fido to the beach or on a hike through the woods.

The thought of traveling with your dog or cat might leave you overwhelmed, but be patient with them, as it's unfamiliar for them as well. By following these tips for traveling with pets, you'll assure your journey is as smooth as possible.

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